• BodyCare and Relaxation

    BodyCare and Relaxation

    -Body care Facial Hair Removal (WAX) Hair Removal for Back Wax (Wax) Hair removal for waxed shoulders (Wax) Hair removal for back and shoulders with wax (Wax) Hair Removal for Wax (Wax) Hair Removal for chest and stomach (Wax) Hair Removal for Half Arm (Wax) Hair Removal Full Arm (Wax) Hair Removal for Two Men (Wax) Complete hair removal for underarm area (WAX) Hair Removal for the nose (Wax) Hair removal for ear (Wax) Hair Removal Full Body (Wax) Shave the chest and stomach Shave back Full shave Half-arm shave Full shave for feet Shaving for half feet Shave the whole body Peeling and moisturizing the body with cosmetic specimens Peeling and moisturizing the body with extracts of nature

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